VF decolletage Co.,Ltd

Company highlights

Sector: Metal Processing
Products: metal parts
Size: 51-200
Established: 1999
Main international markets: Japan
Standards: ISO 9001
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Company characteristics

VF decolletage Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1999, VF decolletage Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in Swiss Screw Machine products with a registered capital around USD 1,000,000. Our company owns a 2,000 square meters facility located at Lot 11, Zone A, Tan Thoi Hiep Industrial Zone, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. We are the first company in Vietnam manufactured Precision Swiss type parts by Swiss Automatic Lathe and CNC machines. Our machines can make parts with small diameter (from 0.5mm) and high precise tolerance (0.005mm). Our products could be used in many Industrial applications such as: Micro mechanics, Telecommunication, Medical, Dentist Equipment, Tire molds, Household appliances, Automobile, Motorbike, Electronics, Optical. We are also a reliable supplier for many Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese companies which located at Export Processing Zone and Industrial Zone in Viet Nam.

Contact person:

Dao Minh Phuong
Deputy Sales Manager
Tel: +84-90 238 0638
Email: info@nullvfdecolletage.com

Technology & partners

Technology: Swiss type Automatic Screw (77 units); CNC Swiss Screw ( 18 units); CNC Milling (6 units)
Partners: Yamaha Vietnam; Harada; Daiwa Vietnam; Toyo Denso

Contact details


Lot 11, Tan Thoi Hiep I.Z, Hiep Thanh ward, Dist 12, HCM city

Website: http://www.vfdecolletage.com
E-mail: info@nullvfdecolletage.com
Phone: +84-8-37 175 001
Fax: +84-8-37 175 278

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