Mo Tien Mould Co.,Ltd

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Mo Tien Mould Co.,Ltd Sector: Metal Processing
Products: mould, press mould
Size: 1-50
Established: 1997
Main international markets: N/A
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Company characteristics

Mo Tien Mould Co.,Ltd

Mo Tien Mould Co.,Ltd established in 1997, and now with more than 10 years of manufacturing, Mo Tien is one of professional company specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of molds and plastics household wares.

For the next time, we are coordinating with Thien Long Co.,ltd, Hong Anh Company… manufacturing stationaries, ball point pens and accessories for studying…

Mo Tien achieved “TRUSTED BRAND” in many years, “REGISTER CERTIFICATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” issued by Intellectual Property Department and The Science and Technology Department.

Contact person:

Le Van Thanh
Tel: +84-903 820 938

Technology & partners

Technology: CNC milling machine (6 units); EDM (6 units); Lathe machine (3 units); Milling machine (7 units); wire cutting machine (1 unit)
Partners: ThienLong Group; Vina Automobile Components; Applied Technology Precision Co., Ltd.; Furukawa Automobile Parts (VN) INC

Contact details


508 Kinh Duong Vuong St., Binh Tan Dist., HCM city

Phone: +84-8-37 550 557
Fax: +84-8-37 550 589

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