Ichi Vietnam Supporting Industry Jsc.

Company highlights

Ichi Vietnam Supporting Industry Jsc. Sector: Metal Processing
Products: Plastic mould, moulds
Size: 51-200
Main international markets: Japan
Standards: 5S, ISO 9001
Audited by: JETRO

Company characteristics

Ichi Vietnam Supporting Industry Jsc.

Ichi Vietnam Supporting Industry Jsc. specializes in producing molds, fixtures. Our director used to work in Japan, therefore he has good understanding of the high requirements to be a partners with Japanese companies. We are currently secondary supplier for many Japanese companies. If we have the opportunity to work directly with Japanese partners, we commit to investing more new machine and equipments.

Contact person:
Mr Pham Hoang Long – Director
Tel: +84-913 055 500
Email: longph@nullichivietnam.com.vn

Technology & partners

Technology: Milling Machine (10 units); Lathe (8 units); Drilling Machine (5 units); Welding Machine (4 units); Grinder (3 units)
Partners: Sumivietnam Wiring Systems, Sumidenso, Hamaden Vietnam

Contact details


No 6, Lane 12/13, Luong Khanh Thien, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi

Website: http://www.ichivietnam.com.vn
E-mail: Sales@nullichivietnam.com.vn
Phone: +84-4 36 62 17 92

Plastic mould, moulds Plastic mould, moulds

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