Huy Thanh Company Limited

Company highlights

Huy Thanh Company Limited Sector: Metal Processing
Products: doors, window frames
Size: 51-200
Established: 2000
Main international markets: Japan, Turkey
Standards: ISO 9001
Audited by: JETRO

Company characteristics

Huy Thanh Company Limited

Huy Thanh Company Limited is a company located in Hanoi which main manufacturing products are doors, window frames, etc. Recently, we add a new 5-axis machining center, which is rare in Vietnam, and began to support deals that requires 5-axis machining center for processing. We have dealt with foreign enterprises, such as, Japan and Turkey. In addition to over sea business deals, we are prude of ourselves for obtaining ISO.

Contact person:

Nguyen Viet San


Tel: +84-979 044 993


Technology & partners

Technology: Mechanical Machines with 5 axis, Aluminum Cutting, Vending Machine, Cutting Steel
Partners: Shimizu, Obayashi, Vinaconex- Taisei

Contact details


Lot CN3, Tu Liem IZ, Ha Noi

Phone: +84 (0) 4-3765-7061
Fax: +84 (0) 4-3765-7054

doors, window frames

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