Hai Van Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd

Company highlights

Hai Van Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd Sector: Metal Processing
Products: jig, mould
Size: 51-200
Established: 2004
Main international markets:
Standards: 5S
Audited by: JETRO

Company characteristics

Hai Van Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd

Main services are designing, manufacturing moulds (plastic injection – moulds, pressure casting die – moulds, die moulds, rubber moulds) and jigs (Assembly-Processing-Testing Jigs) made to orders. The quality of the products are increasingly enhanced, with high preciseness.

The sufficient, synchronous mechanism with high quality (milling -lathing system CNC, universal milling -lathing system, face-grinding machine, circular grinding machine, hole grinding machine, wire cutting machine, electro-discharge machining (EDM), mould testing squeezer, hardness measurer, 2D co-ordinate measurer, 3D CMM, etc.) help to ensure the self- contained processing to meet the manufacturing progress.

Contact person:
Hoang Van Thai
Corporate Executive
Tel: +84-913 075 242
Email: hvpe@nullcokhihaivan.com

Technology & partners

Technology: CNC Milling Machine; CNC Lathe Machine; CNC Wire Cut Machine; Lathe Machine; Milling Machine; External Grinder; Surface Grinder; 3D CMM
Partners: Yamaha; Canon; Honda lock; Chiyoda; Showa; Hilex; Panasonic

Contact details


Cong Ha, Ha Man Commune, Thuan Thanh Dist. , Bac Ninh

Website: http://www.cokhihaivan.com
E-mail: hvpe@nullcokhihaivan.com
Phone: +84-241-3793 396
Fax: +84-241-3 793 395

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