Bac Viet Technology Jsc.

Company highlights

Sector: Metal Processing
Products: mould
Size: 201-500
Established: 2008
Main international markets:
Standards: 5S, ISO 14001, ISO 9001
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Company characteristics

Bac Viet Technology Jsc.

Bac Viet Technology Jsc. is a company specialized in continuous manufacturing from metallic mold designing to ejection forming located in Bac Ninh. Metallic molds we manufacture always been popular with our customers and those customers, who are pleased with our products, usually become repeating customers. One of the features, which customers are pleased with, manufacturing metallic mold by us operating Makino millers under strict tempter control condition. If you are seeking for resinous products, feel free to contact us.

Contact person:

Ngo Nhat Van
Vice Director
Tel: +84- 983 366 071

Technology & partners

Technology: Injection Molding Machine (60, 75, 100, 160, 230); CNC Machine; Wire Cut DU064, EDM EDGE3; 3D Measuring Machine, Measuring equipments; Milling machines, Lathe machines
Partners: Muto; Canon; Foster; Panasonic; Seowon; Korg VN; Siamp Monaco; Toho; Nissei Technology

Contact details


Km 7, Highway 18, Que Vo IZ, Bac Ninh

Phone: +84-241-3 617 933
Fax: +84-241-3 617 932

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